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© International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (IJBSSR)
Copyright on any research article is transferred in full to IJBSSR upon publication in the journal. The copyright transfer includes the right to reproduce and distribute the article in any form of reproduction (printing, electronic media or any other form).
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
This license permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
While submitting a paper through Online Submission the Author(s) will be considered to transfer copyright along with the paper and agree with the below declaration.

The copyright transfer covers the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article, including reprints, translations, photographic reproductions, electronic form (online) or any other reproductions of similar nature. The undersigned represents and warrants that the paper is original and she/he is the author of the paper, except for material that is clearly identified as to original source, with permission notices from the copyright owners where required. The undersigned represents that he/she has the power and authority to make and execute this assignment.

I/We declare that:
By reading this journal policy, I, as the corresponding Author, agree and accept to abide by the International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (IJBSSR), Legal notice/Intellectual propertyTerms and conditions, and Copyright information.

1. This paper has not been submitted anywhere else for publication prior to acceptance/rejection by this journal.

2. This paper has not been published in the same form elsewhere.

3.In order to avoid problems/conflicts, and in case of violation of the laws or ICT act of Bangladesh related to published manuscript I, as the corresponding Author, my name is mentioned on the submitted article, I’m aware, that I will be pursued in the court by Third-party to pay all the costs or to repair damages, if any. If this kinds of problems will accord, the copy of all kinds court related paper will send to the IJBSSR authority.

4. I agree and I assume  full responsibility when filling the form and reading all details mentioned hereby. I correctly fill this form, I sign it and I will send it by registered mail to the Postal address.

5. I, the corresponding Author(s) must send to at least 3-4 external reviewers to edit, evaluate and improve the quality of my paper and to respond positively to reviewer’s comments and do the needed corrections before the final submission to IJBSSR (reviewer’s guide). The publisher’s team makes additional or minor corrections / changes on submitted paper, only. The publisher’s policy is to focuses on the importance of the subject / theme of the contribution, only.  The Author is fully responsible of the content, quality and the evaluation of the submitted paper (Writing instructions).

6. that this article contains no violation of any existing copyright or other Third-party rights or any material of an obscene, libellous, fraud, plagiarism, not allowed to use works of others,  or otherwise unlawful nature. I, will pay compensation, repairs all damages, pay all charges, costs and related fees, to indemnify and keep indemnified the Third party and/or the IJBSSR. I agree that the International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (IJBSSR) is not and will not be responsible in such case, and I will never get the International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (IJBSSR) involved in any kind of problems.

a) I, the corresponding Author(s) / Co-authors will be the only person to signed the copyright form and handle the requested documents, see details in the copyright form. I agree to face any problems and to be pursued in court by Third-party and/or other publishing house, institutions, scientists or/and experts; in case I misuse other’s published materials, fraud, plagiarism, illegal use of their intellectual property / material rights, data, or published or non-published data/work of others. The said paper will be immediately removed from the IJBSSR journal website. I will not submit duplicate manuscripts with similar results or data (tables, graphs or illustrations) or texts. I agree to modify,  re-arrange correctly the results and data (tables, graphs or other illustrations) to resubmit again a new version of the paper to be considered for the late journal issue. From time to time, the Publisher keeps free online access to the journal inorder to increased the online visibility.

b) In any case, I will indicate that the International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (IJBSSR) is not responsible for any problems or mistakes on my part as the corresponding author. I do agree that the publisher will not reimburse any payment. In case of any serious problem, I agree that the International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (IJBSSR) will not provide any assistance and has nothing to do with my problems.

c) I and co-Authors know and agree that International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (IJBSSR) own the copyright and will permit open access to all published papers for scientific use only, and It has no responsibility on the illegal / misuse of the data / published materials by others. I agree that my published paper(s) is available on the International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (IJBSSR)’s website; or free of use by other readers / scientists or other visitors. The International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (IJBSSR) has neither interest nor responsibility in such problem. However, all sources of information and references in my paper(s) should be mentioned to avoid conflicts.

d) that I, the corresponding Author, have obtained permission for and acknowledged the source of any illustrations, diagrams or other data, materials included in this article of which I am not the copyright owner.  In consideration of the publication of my contribution in the this journal, I hereby assign and allow and authorise the International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (IJBSSR),  the present and / or future copyright throughout the world in any form and in any language (including without limitation on optical disk, transmission over the internet, print and other communications networks, and in any other  electronic form).

e) I, the corresponding Author, assume full responsibility and accept to pay for all costs related to any illegal matter or problems with the Third-party, if any.

7. A copyright information is obtained for materials published elsewhere and which require this permission for reproduction. Authors reserve all proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights and the right to use all or part of this article in future works of their own. The authors retain the right of replication, subject only to crediting the original source of publication and receiving written permission from the publisher. The corresponding author signs for and accepts responsibility for releasing this material on behalf of all co-authors.
Yours truly

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