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Q: What is IJBSSR?
A: IJBSSR stands for International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research is a scientific publications of Agro-fondation.

Q: In which fields/areas IJBSSR support?
A: The Journal is continuing to accept manuscripts in all fields of Business (business & management, Banking, development & global studies, economics, education, finance, marketing, office for national statistics, operational research & the management sciences, politics & international relations, psychoanalysis, urban design, etc.), Social Sciences (Crime & Security, geography and regional planning, political science, international relations, economics, international finance, accounting, taxation, public administration, sociology, anthropology, tourism, hospitality management, social works, social & cultural Studies, etc.) and Scientific Research (Physic, chemistry, biology, mathematics, statistic, agriculture, economics, engineering, medical science, materials science, business science, computer and information science, earth science, environmental science, food science, modern applied science, space science and anthropology, etc.).

Q: Does IJBSSR publish printed journal?
A: Maybe.  We prefer to remain strictly "green".  However, if an author decides that he or she would like to be in print, we have authorization for print on demand within the same ISSN. Authors can also negotiate to use for print version.

Q: How can you use IJBSSR service?
A: You can click main menu online paper submission and follow instruction.