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Journal Charges per article (USD)

Single Paper Publication Fee ($100 for only online, and 150 for online+hard copy):

Fees and Charges:
Authors are required to pay a USD 100$ handling fee for online and USD 150$ for online and printed hard copy after accept the article for publication. Publication of an article in IJBSSR is not contingent upon the author's ability to pay the charges. Neither is acceptance to pay the handling fee a guarantee that the paper will be accepted for publication. Authors that may not be able to pay the $100, can request that the editorial office reduce the fee to an amount that the author can afford to pay. We only accept payment of handling fee after manuscript has been accepted for publication. The handling fee is used for the smooth operation of the journal. As an peer-reviewed open access journal, IJBSSR does not charge subscription fees to authors and researchers for viewing or downloading published articles. To successfully provide open access, IJBSSR  use a model in which part of our expenses—including those of peer review, journal production, employees salary, utility bills, online advertising of published articles (through our publication alert services), and online hosting and archiving are recovered in part through the publication fee.

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