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Paper Type: Review Paper
Author Name: Md. Roni Islam
Research Area: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Volume: 06
Issue: 02
Page No: 74-80
Emailed: 5
Total Downloads: 138
Country: Bangladesh
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This paper reviews foretell of accessible renewable energy recourses and its activities up to December 2017 with combine renewable energy sources and its potentials in viewpoint in Bangladesh. This paper also reviews the contribution of private and public sector and its future planning in Bangladesh. Among several renewable energy resources, the application of solar photovoltaic (PV) is renowned and adaptation of CSP technology, another part of solar energy can brings a solution of future sustainable-economical source of power. Additionally, wind, biogas, mini hydro and tidal are also well known.  A plan has been initiated by the government of Bangladesh (GOB) to generate 5% of the total energy from renewable energy resources within 2015 and 10% by the year of 2020. Through the approved renewable energy policy, the GOB is devoted to make possible investment in renewable energy projects to substitute simultaneous non-renewable energy resources and escalate the contributions of renewable energy based electricity generation. With this context, review of recent activities on concurrent renewable energy resources is imperative as well as to explore potentials of resources. After reading this paper, an investor will get momentous information about present scenario and steering for future participation of renewable energy sources in Bangladesh.