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Author Name: Md. Abdul Zalil , Md. Samsujjoha and Md. Shahidul Islam
Research Area: English Linguistics and Literature
Volume: 11
Issue: 01
Page No: 65–70
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Total Downloads: 163
Country: Bangladesh
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Identifying the development of traditional Baul inclinations and their underlying reasons was the aim of this investigation. The major goal of this study was to determine how historic trends in Baul had changed. Baul’s trends refer to a particular cult that originates from the diverse folk beliefs and ideas of a particular group of people who are considered the ambassadors of folk religious activities, beliefs, and thoughts. This Baul group has some original and traditional trends. With the passage of time, the Bauls have begun to mix with the non-Bauls and lead lives like them, and their traditional trends are changing for some specific reasons. Therefore, this study has attempted to focus on the changes in Baul’s traditional trends in relation to their basic and original trends through empirical data collected through interviews and survey activities with a view to finding out what the causes are behind all such changes. This study was conducted at Kushtia district from October 2022 to March 2023.  For the investigation of this present study, 40 Bauls were randomly selected from Lalon Akhra of Kushtia district. A number of pieces of literature related to this study have been reviewed to corroborate and support the primary data of this study. The data have been analyzed using descriptive and contextual methods. The findings of this study reflect that the Bauls are influenced by modernism, technology, media, and greed. The traditional trends of the Bauls are changing because of these influencing factors. This study has presented good findings on the causes of changes in Baul’s traditional trends. Thus, this study provides insightful information regarding the changes in Baul’s traditional trends.