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Author Name: AFM Jamal Uddin, H. Ahmad, M. Rakibuzzaman, S.N. Rini and B. Laila
Research Area: Agricultural Science
Volume: 06
Issue: 01
Page No: 18-26
Emailed: 0
Total Downloads: 500
Country: Bangladesh
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An experiment was accomplished in the Horticulture farm of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University during the period of April to October 2016 to evaluate and classify some lisianthus lines on the basis of floral characteristics. Fifteen lisianthus lines, viz., L1= Nandini Moonlight, L2= Nandini Suvro, L3= Nandini Chandra, L4= Nandini Pink light, L5= Nandini Lemon Double, L6= Nandini Lemon Single, L7= Nandini Pink Cup, L8= Nandini Rose, L9= Nandini Royal Violet, L10= Nandini Violet Single, L11= Nandini Blue Vase, L12= Nandini Ocean violet, L13= Nandini Purple bell, L14= Nandini Purple picotee and L15= Nandini Lavender was used in this experiment arranged in a Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications. The colors of the fifteen lisianthus lines were accurately measured and expressed through L* (lightness), a* and b* (two Cartesian coordinates) including C* and hab (Chroma & Hue angle) based on CIELab scale with standard observer 100 and standard illumination D65 using precision colorimeter IWAVE WF32. On the basis of number of colors in petal, primary petal colors, petal base color, number of petals, leaf shape, days required to flower and vase life the studied lines were classified in to groups and coherently presented in tables and plates that are hoped to be a source of valuable information for breeders and researchers for selecting and improving this promising cut flower.