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Author Name: Shanur Jahedul Hasan, Flura, Ashraful Alam, A.K.M Shafiqul Alam, Istiaque Haider and Ehsanul Karim
Research Area: Fisheries and Marin Science
Volume: 01
Issue: 01
Page No: 09-16
Emailed: 4
Total Downloads: 1112
Country: Bangladesh
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The study was carried out to assess the ecological aspects of Baikka beel ecosystem in Moulavibazar district and the affectivity of the ongoing biodiversity restoration program. Seventy-four fish species belonging to 21 families and two species of prawn were identified during the study period. At the same time, 10 types of fishing gear were identified in six major groups. Catch per unit effort (CPUE) of different gears varied between 1.5 and 14.0 kg/day. About 25 aquatic weeds were found in the Baikka beel  of Hail haor, among them both emergent and spreading were  28%  followed by floating 20%; 12% were rooted plants with floating leaves and 8% were submerged. The dissolved oxygen content 1.77-9.24 mg/l inside and 2.28-6.21mg/l outside the Baikka beel sanctuary were found to be congenial for aquatic life. pH of the beel water both inside and outside of the sanctuary were slightly acidic to moderately alkaline (6-7.5 inside and 6-7.25 outside the sanctuary). Lower values of alkalinity and hardness indicating beel water to be less nutrient enriched. The contribution of phytoplankton was (96%) than zooplankton. The diversity of phytoplankton both inside and outside of the sanctuary were dominated by three groups chlorophyceae >Myxophyceae > Bacillariophyceae.