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Author Name: Farzana Yesmin Chowdhury
Research Area: Education
Volume: 06
Issue: 03
Page No: 56-61
Emailed: 1
Total Downloads: 509
Country: Bangladesh
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Education is a fundamental birthright of a person. For this reason, right to free and obligatory primary education has universally declared and accepted to endorse education accessible for all children through Education for All (EFA) and education goals in the Millennium Development Goal (MDG). But EFA and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in primary education has failed to provide education as a development tool for a developing country. Hitherto, education is full of dissatisfaction and anticipation in the developing countries of the world. The objective of this article is emphasized on the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and South Asian countries primary education where EFA and MDGs referring to education are unlikely to achieve its aim. The study follows content analysis approach. Before proceed to the analysis, discussed concisely the background of EFA and how global geopolitical dimensions influenced in the MDGs agreement. Later, the study result found the obstacle factors like role and objectives of education aid, new geo-politics in education after 9/11, flaws of new re-conceptualized education policy, dominant education approach and the overall ambiguous meaning of MDGs which are appearing as the hurdle for educational development in the developing countries.