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Author Name: Md Minhazur Rahman, Jebbunnesa Chowdhury and A.F.M. Jamal Uddin
Research Area: Agricultural Science
Volume: 07
Issue: 01
Page No: 62-67
Emailed: 2
Total Downloads: 526
Country: Bangladesh
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Gerbera jamesonii is one of the most popular ornamental plants in the world. This study comprises of three different phases for shoot regeneration. Two different color varieties of G. Jamesonii, one had red, and the other yellow petals plants were used in this study. The plant's leaf with midrib, flower bud, and flower stalks was used as explants in this experiment. 3rd position leaf from the top of the both variety of plant yielded best results for in vitro regeneration, with 70% for red variety and 60% for yellow respectively. In case of flower buds and flower stalks, 6-7 days old flower buds and flower stalks gave best results in the in vitro regeneration studies with 80% response rate for red variety and 60% for the yellow variety. The given response rate for flower stalks were 38% for the red variety and 50% for yellow variety. The above three different types of explants were cultured in the MS medium containing different hormonal combination and concentrations in vitro regeneration. The best results were obtained with the combination of 5 mg/l BAP with 1mg/l NAA which formed multiple shoots from all the explants. The shoot proliferation was started within 6-7 weeks after inoculation of explants in the suitable medium. Our study showed the maximum mean no. of shoot from the leaf with mid rib explant and the no. was found to be 7.75 per explant. Prospects may include newer methods for root regeneration for both of these varieties of Gerbera to complete the regeneration protocol for this plant species.