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Author Name: H. Ahmad, Sk. Rahul, S. Mahbuba, M.R. Jahan and AFM Jamal Uddin
Research Area: Agricultural Science
Volume: 05
Issue: 04
Page No: 156-167
Emailed: 5
Total Downloads: 696
Country: Bangladesh
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An experiment was accomplished in the Horticulture farm of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University during the period of April to October, 2016 to screen some lisianthus lines for production in Bangladesh. Fifteen lisianthus lines viz. L1= Nandini Moonlight, L2= Nandini Suvro, L3= Nandini Chandra, L4= Nandini Pink light, L5= Nandini Lemon Double, L6= Nandini Lemon Single, L7= Nandini Pink Cup, L8= Nandini Rose, L9= Nandini Royal Violet, L10= Nandini Violet Single, L11= Nandini Blue Vase, L12= Nandini Ocean violet, L13= Nandini Purple bell, L14= Nandini Purple picotee and L15= Nandini Lavender was used in this experiment arranged in a Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications. Data on different growth and flowering parameters were taken to which all the lines showed significant variations. L8 showed the lowest rosette% (4.7) whereas maximum was observed in L12 (17.7). In most of the parameters, L9 showed the best result (plant height-68.8 cm, no. of leaves- 51.7, flower head diameter- 7.3 cm, stem length- 53.5 cm and vase life- 20.7 days) giving it rank 1 on the basis of total score although all the lines showed promise to be a quality cut flowers. So, this flower has the potential to be promising addition to our present flower market.