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Author Name: J. C. Onik, M. A. Ali, M. H. Rahman, S. M. Y. Ali and M. N. Iqbal
Research Area: Agricultural Science
Volume: 03
Issue: 04
Page No: 258-262
Emailed: 2319
Total Downloads: 6554
Country: Bangladesh
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The study was designed to produce fruit juice yogurt by addition of jackfruit juice as partial ingredient which is nutritious as well as delicious food. An investigation was carried out to develop the acceptable prepared yogurt using different level (2%, 4%, 6%, 6.5%, 7%, 7.5%, 8% and 10%) of jackfruit juice. The prepared samples were evaluated for sensory quality by Hedonic Rating Test. Furthermore, the formulated jackfruit yogurt was compared with the plain yogurt in terms of chemical composition. The sensory evaluation revealed that the jackfruit yogurt formulated with 93.5% milk, 12% sugar and 6.5% jackfruit juice was most acceptable in terms of color, flavor, texture, taste preferences and overall acceptability and ranked as “Like Much”. Whether samples formulated with 4% and 6% jackfruit juice along with 12% sugar and 96% and 94% milk respectively were equally acceptable and ranked as “Like moderately”. But the rest of the formulated sample which contained 7%, 8% and 10% jackfruit juice along with 12% sugar and 93%, 92% and 90% milk respectively secured the lowest score and was unacceptable to the panelists. On the basis of dry weight moisture, total carbohydrates, fat, protein and ash contents were found as 71.82%, 19.36%, 4.41%, 3.69%, 0.72% respectively for jackfruit yogurt; and 73.20%, 17.7%, 4.67%, 3.73% and 0.70%,  for plain yogurt, respectively. The minerals potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium contents were found 284, 110, 19.2 and 131 (mg/100g) for formulated jackfruit yogurt, respectively and 278, 173, 19 and 209 (mg/100g) respectively for plain yogurt.  Jackfruit yogurt contain high amount of β carotene of 22.62 (µg/100g) whereas 9.11 (µg/100g) β carotene was found in plain yogurt.  The jackfruit yogurt will be very tasteful and nutritive as well as acceptable to consumers when it is prepared by adding 6.5% jackfruit juice and 12% sugar with 93.5% milk.