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Paper Type: Review Paper
Author Name: Md Masum Billah, Debbie Bartlett, Richie Simon, Md. Razon Khan, Abdullah Al Mamun Siddiqui, Syed Shoeb Mahmud and Md. Atiqul Islam Mondal
Research Area: Environmental Science
Volume: 07
Issue: 01
Page No: 119–126
Emailed: 2
Total Downloads: 290
Country: Bangladesh
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This research was conducted in the Drill hall library UK and Bangladesh and revised as an especial desk study and review perspective of the coastal phenomena and the characteristics thus evaluate and critical analysis of integrated coastal zone management. UK coastline length is more than 19,000 km and for England the coast length is 5,496Km where as the coastline of Bangladesh is 710km wide.The coastal and ecosystem as well as habitats of the different animals are mostly depend on the characters of coastal ecology and data analysis of both countries which have different strategies and techniques for the conserve of coastal biodiversity which were highlighted and brought together. UK and Bangladesh coast contains wealth biodiversity which are supported by the shingle beaches sand dunes. The main characteristics of the physical features are the creeks, numerous channel with crossing line, deltas of Ganges tidal plan with very low topology and mangroves. Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the UK and Bangladesh are greatly different due to variation in advanced and developed technology and the process of the making legislative recommendations also varies; which could predict changes in sea level and coastal resources as well as habitats.