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Author Name: Md. Shaon Akter, Md. Sozib Hosen and Tanna Khatun
Research Area: English Literature
Volume: 06
Issue: 02
Page No: 45-50
Emailed: 1
Total Downloads: 406
Country: Bangladesh
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The type of poetry, beginning in the late 16th Century till the 17th Century, was a form of poetry that has come to be known as the poetry of Metaphysical school of thought. Love, the most felt and discussed emotion of human mind, has been a dominant theme of all branches of literature of all ages. But the treatment of love has been different from one to another, from poets to poets. John Donne has also used “Love” to be an important theme of his poetry. Since love may be different from man to man, time to time, Donne has also treated love realistically to be different from others. Thus, it is not very easy to find out a simple definition of love as Donne has presented in his poems. And ‘To His Coy Mistress’ is one of the two best love poems of Andrew Marvell, another metaphysical poet. The European dimension of the Catholic poets Crashaw and South well has been commented on by others. In this poem, the speaker raises arguments with his beloved to be soft towards him and to relax her firm attitude of puritan reluctance to grant him sexual favors. And in “Delight in Disorder” Robert Herrick admires the beauty and dress of a woman.