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Paper Type: Review Paper
Author Name: M. Rakibuzzaman, Sk. Rahul, M.I. Ifaz, O. Gani and AFM Jamal Uddin
Research Area: Agricultural Science
Volume: 07
Issue: 01
Page No: 06-09
Emailed: 2
Total Downloads: 1528
Country: Bangladesh
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Nanotechnology is a branch of science and promising field for future agriculture. Nanotechnology broadly used to refer both the science and technology of this emerging field. This has significant effect in agriculture and the potentiality for improvement safe environment. Nanotechnology deals with the smallest possible particle which raises hope for developing agricultural industry increases productivity with low input and this is the smart agricultural technology for future. In addition, as the most important source of increasing income, agricultural industry increases the use of this nanotech. At the same time significant challenges must be overcome for the benefits of nanotechnology to be realized. Scientists must learn how to manipulate and characterize. Government has to take responsibility for this concern. Nanotechnology have much more future prospects to enhance agricultural production by making much more advance use of nanopores, zeolotes, nanocapsules, nanosensors, etc. So, the review presents information on the use of application of nanotechnology and the challenges for adopting this new technology with the future aspects in agricultural industry.