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Author Name: S. M. Yusuf Ali, M. M. Hossain, M. Zakaria, M. A. Hoque and M. Ahiduzzaman
Research Area: Agricultural Science
Volume: 07
Issue: 04
Page No: 01–08
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Total Downloads: 164
Country: Bangladesh
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The fruit characteristics of seven varieties mango cultivars grown at Chapai Nawabganj, Rajshahi, Satkhira and Meherpur district were studied from March 2017- June 2019 fruiting seasons. Seven locally cultivated important mango cultivars (Guti Amm, Khirsapat, Langra, Harivanga,Fazli, Amropali and Ashwani) were selected. The experiments were arranged in Complete Randomize Design (CRD) with three replications. Results showed that cultivars had significant differences in physical characteristics fruit weight, pulp weight, seed weight, fruit length, width, depth, diameter, edible non edible portion, moisture content, weight loss, dry moisture content and the chemical characteristics was to evaluate TSS, pH, ascorbic acid, total sugar, reducing and non reducing sugar, β-carotene of different types of mango fruits grown in selected regions in the three seasons. The highest firmness peel was Guti amm 1.73N/cm2 and pulp in Ashwina was, 0.50 N/cm2, respectively. The highest values of brightness (peel) of L-value were in the range 49.93 to 61.94 & pulp were highest indicators of 84.63 followed by 81.21. The weight losses (%) highest decreases during storage from 3 to 9 days 2.11% to 5.55% in Khirsapat. The highest and lowest magnitude of sugar contents (%) of seven cultivars mango varieties were found to be in the range of 9.49 to 16.61 at harvest stage. The average TSS values at 9DAS were found to be range by the 17.00 to 24.38. Vitamin C, titratable acidity contents were decreasing but pH & reducing were increasing from harvesting to ripening stage. It has also shown that at 9th day, higher amount of β-carotene content was recorded from the Khirshapat 47.21 μgm/100g and lower 12.54 μ gm/100g Ashwina This study provided that the Amropali, Khirsapat and Harivanga are superior to rest of the varieties of different mango cultivars in Bangladesh which are irrespective of processing, preservation and nutritional content as well as best.