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Author Name: Mohammod Abdul Hamid
Research Area: Sociology
Volume: 09
Issue: 02
Page No: 76-82
Emailed: 0
Total Downloads: 605
Country: Bangladesh
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The study identified the background profile and learning problems of BAgEd learners’ in the Haor area of Bangladesh from January 2018 to June 2019. The researcher collected the information from a total of 134 respondents with a survey questionnaire. The results showed that, among the learners’ 79.85% were male with 20.15% female. The only 1.49% learners’ belonged to effective learning age group, 70.90% were late learning age group and 27.61% were very late learning age group. There were 72.39% Muslims and 27.61% Hindus.  The 64.92% learners’ were satisfied on getting information and services from regional center and 12.69% were highly satisfied, 20.15% were not satisfied and 2.24% were not satisfied at all. The 76.12% learners’ were satisfied with the tutorial services and 11.19% were highly satisfied, 11.94% were not satisfied and 0.75% was not satisfied at all. The 34.33% learners’ were enrolled creating job opportunities, 34.33% for gets promotion to higher position in job, 25.37% for raising social status, 1.49% for more income generation and 4.48% for self development and others. The overall learning problems were founded connection with regional center, tutorial center, study materials, admission/course fees, practical classes, student support services, exam results, residence of learners’, media programs, study tour, networking, etc. The findings of this study would help the academics and administrators of the university to take operational decisions to achieve sustainable development.