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Author Name: Snehangshu Shekhar Chanda, Md. Akhtar Hossain and Mst. Sabrina Yasmin Chowdhury
Research Area: English Linguistics and Literature
Volume: 07
Issue: 02
Page No: 14-22
Emailed: 1
Total Downloads: 448
Country: Bangladesh
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The study is based on comprehensive work of Proofreading and using English in Scientific Writing. Results indicate that proofreading is very essential part for submitting thesis or dissertation to the relevant department to obtain research degree or journal publications. Most of the research papers are written in English which is the most important language in the modern world for intellectual and intercultural communication for official purposes. Different grammatical terms which are very essential for scientific writing have been stated here. There are many symbols used by the proofreaders by which the researchers can correct their mistakes. The system of submitting research paper is exposed through two model figures. Essential systems of writing a scientific paper have also been stated.