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Author Name: M. J. Uddin, S. Mahmud and M. R. Alam
Research Area: Agricultural Science
Volume: 06
Issue: 02
Page No: 39-44
Emailed: 2
Total Downloads: 423
Country: Bangladesh
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The study was carried out in three selected areas namely Soabil of Fatikchari, Khorna of Patiya and Mohadebpur of Sitakunda in Chittagong District during December 2015 to March 2016, to identify the profitable cropping pattern in the region. The survey method was used for collection of data from randomly selected 90 respondents (30 respondents from each location) by face to face interview through semi-structured questionnaire. The highest single and double cropped area was found at Fatikchari, and triple cropped area in Patiya. The cauliflower (29%), tomato (26%), potato (56%), chilli (40%), bean (70%), brinjal (30%), yard long bean (6%), cucumber (Khira) (67%) and lady’s finger (38%) were found as the major vegetables crops in all locations. About 73.3% farmers cultivated country bean in Sitakunda, 80% potato in Patiya and 36.6% chilli in Fatikchari. The highest percentages of the farmers were operated the cropping pattern of winter vegetables-summer vegetables-T. aman irrespective of all areas followed by winter vegetables-fallow-T.aman and Boro-Fallow-T.aman. The winter vegetables were identified as potato, tomato, cauliflower, chilli, radish, brinjal, gourds and the summer vegetables were cucumber (Khira), lady’s finger, country bean, yard long bean and coriander. The highest benefit cost ratio was found in the cropping pattern of winter vegetables-summer vegetables-T.aman followed by winter vegetables-fallow-T.aman. Age of respondents, education, family size, and occupation, income from rice and vegetables cultivation by intercropping system, training and credit received was influenced on household income significantly. The high irrigation cost (86.6%) was the main problem for crop production followed by low product price (74.4%) and low purity of seeds (61.1%). If irrigation facilities could be provided at low cost, the four crop based cropping pattern such as (i) T.aman-Mustard/potato-Boro-T.aus (ii) T.aman-Mustard-Mungbean-T.aus could be suggested for improving the food security and household income in the region.