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Paper Type: Review Paper
Author Name: AFM Jamal Uddin, S. Mahbuba, Sk. Rahul, M.I. Ifaz and H. Ahmad
Research Area: Agricultural Science
Volume: 06
Issue: 02
Page No: 51-55
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Total Downloads: 1070
Country: Bangladesh
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Spirulina is an ecologically sound, nutrient rich super food that is grown all around the world as a dietary supplement. Spirulina is considered as the “food of the future” that will effectively tackle the existing malnutrition problem. The introduction and scope for the cultivation of Spirulina is immense in Bangladesh as rural people and urban rooftop owners can easily install the culture system in their buildings as it is a fully automated system and requires very little power to operate. Spirulina definitely ensures daily nutritional demands for the rural poor and will also improve the socio-economic status of the rural people by bringing them under integrated Spirulina production. Commercial production of Spirulina and creating demand in local and international market is a very possible aspect in Bangladesh. This ambition can easily be achieved if proper guidance, support and management from the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations is assured. Spirulina will open a door of opportunities in Bangladesh if proper infrastructure is followed.