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Author Name: Lutfar Rahman
Research Area: Business Administration
Volume: 07
Issue: 02
Page No: 23-28
Emailed: 2
Total Downloads: 268
Country: Bangladesh
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The objective of this paper is to analyze the trend of expatriate migration and remittance of Manikganj district and all over Bangladesh. The expatriate migrates due to economic, social, political or environmental causes. In the study period from 1980 to 2015 AD 4,90,746 expatriates went to abroad is the highest in 2015 and 30,073 in 1980 the lowest which is notable in the history of Bangladesh. It is vivid and remarkable that in 1985, the amount of expatriates is around 258.35 percent which is most noticeable and 113.48 times in 2005 which is lowest due to world economic recession in the study period. It is clear that in 2015, the amount of expatriates remittances is around 12,861.89 million US $, which is highest amount in the study period. The remittance has a positive trend in Bangladesh during the study period except in 1984 and 1985 which is 500.00 US million $ and smaller than the amount of 1983 is 627.51 million US $. So, the correlation among the migrants of Manikganj and Dhaka district in terms of expatriates’ migrants of Bangladesh is significant. The total number of expatriates and remittances sent by them overalls is increasing day by day. Expatriates migration is creating jobs at abroad for the unemployed skill and unskilled people of Bangladesh. The upper trend of expatriate migrants and remittances is very common scenario for Manikganj district and all over Bangladesh.