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Author Name: Mohammad Nazmul Haque Shikder Shiblu
Research Area: English Linguistics and Literature
Volume: 06
Issue: 04
Page No: 84-88
Emailed: 3
Total Downloads: 195
Country: Bangladesh
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The current review paper asserts the transcendental standpoints of Robert Frost through his metaphoric connotations in his poetry. He has denoted many ordinary metaphorical themes in an extra ordinary emotional way. Frost takes the metaphors from real life phenomena. The poet deals with connotative adoration, death, escapism, nature, communication, everyday life, isolation of the individuals and duties of a person all of which are connected to man and nature. The current study followed observational analysis with comparative critical thinking to be accomplished properly. The study finds out the use of metaphors that depict the goodness of people and nature in different aspects of life. His poems are universal in all ways. His dealing with the realistic metaphors makes him a successful poet of man. Frost’s poems have interrelations with the universe. His transcendentalism encompasses love with all mundane things and the spiritual or heavenly things. The poet also emphasized naturalness in comprehending and interactions among all human beings.